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Oaklore Distilling Story
Passion, patience & vision

Our Story

Founders Story

The story of Oaklore Distillery is one of friendship and community.

Back in 2016 neighbors Matt and Tom, while walking their elementary kids to the bus stop, discovered a shared passion for a well-crafted whiskey. This passion quickly blossomed into a shared hobby.

Fueled by this passion, Matt and Tom dedicated themselves to mastering their craft. With time, their dedication paid off, leading them to enlist the support of their close friend Travis. Together, they scouted for the perfect location for their distillery. However, their chosen spot presented a challenge – outdated zoning laws. Undeterred, they embarked on a mission to bring about change, working tirelessly with local legislators.

Oaklore spirits are a testament to this dedication. Every step of the process, from meticulous ingredient selection to stunning presentation, reflects our unwavering commitment to quality. This unwavering pursuit of excellence is ingrained in everything we do – it’s the only way we know how to create spirits worthy of your story.

At Oaklore, our passion extends beyond the spirits themselves. We celebrate the stories uncorked with every bottle. This philosophy became the heart of our business, even inspiring the distillery’s name. Oak staves, referring to the barrels essential to the aging process, all have a story to tell. Each tree, each stave, and thus each barrel, carries its own unique history. We believe the same is true for people. When you gather around a glass and share stories, the collective narrative becomes richer than any individual story.


– Bogan, Simpkins, & Masters
Oaklore Distilling Connections

Crafting Connections

What began as a shared passion among friends around a neighborhood bonfire now sits proudly as a bottle on the shelf. Oaklore Distilling Co. is a testament to the enduring value of dedication, community, and vision.

Our deep love for both the chemistry and artistry behind exceptional craft spirits is poured into every bottle we make. From precise measurements to the patient aging process, each meticulously orchestrated step embodies our passion.

We take immense pride in our craft and how it fosters a sense of community – the kind that thrives when a good drink is shared among good friends.



Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Oaklore’s origins are built on the idea of community. From our material and ingredient sourcing to our partnership with local businesses, we’re dedicated to enriching the area we call home.

So come in, share a story, and share a glass.

Angel Barrel Whiskey

Angel Barrel Program

The Oaklore Angel Barrel Program offers a unique way for us to partner with and support our local community.

We bring in local non-profits to select a single-barrel whiskey, then make those bottles available in our shop, with profits going to their cause. To date, Oaklore Distilling Co. has shared tens of thousands of dollars with local charities.